About Us

Corebuy is full line office supplies retailer

We provide cutting-edge business products to both Public Sector & Commercial Marketplaces. Our portfolio of products comprise of over 630 name brand manufacturers. With strong strategic alliances with top wholesalers and buying groups, we are able to consistently deliver on a wide range of business & procurement needs promptly.

We carry over 450,000 brand new office and IT products

from all the top manufacturers in each product category. For our government clients, we also stock ~ 4000 Ability One and ~ 45,000 TAA compliant products.

Whatever your needs are, we’ve got you covered:

Our capability is not just limited to the products searchable on our website. New products become available everyday on the market and while it may not have hit our catalog yet, we have the resources to source these items for you at the same low cost you’ve come to love us for.

Contact us if you can’t find a product you need – we’ll do the leg work for you!

What makes Corebuy different?

  • Customer Centric: We value each and every one of our customers and make great efforts to see that your shopping experience is much more than just pleasant. We have a team of knowledgeable representatives that are available 5 days a week between 9-5pm to help with any inquiries, quotes, returns, delivery status, order tracking concerns you might have.
  • Competent Management Team: Corebuy management team consists of highly astute industry specialists each with over 10 years of IT and eCommerce experience. We have a proven track record of successfully supporting organizations’ small, medium and large scale procurement initiatives, providing logistical guidance and other business consultations.
  • Cutting Edge Technology:Ultimately, our vision is to see you, our customer, succeed. To this end, we continually invest in new technologies that allow us to service your requests faster and more efficiently. Our optimal routing technology ensures your shipments are fulfilled from the closest warehouse to your zip code thereby guaranteeing that your packages are delivered with lightning speed.

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