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Order Support

How do I place an order?

  • Browse our several office supplies categories on
  • Call our friendly customer help team at 800-294-7995.
  • Click here to send an purchase order by email (Eligibility Required)

How do I track my order?

This should be a simple form within the same help page format. Please copy over the “send us a feedback” box/form from the help page and install it here. Please replace “Send us feedback text with the image below. The field should be: Name, email, Order number, Comments. “Track Order” should be added to the left navigation and when clicked on, customer should come to this point on the Order Support page.

Also include “Note: Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*)” under the image

Can I buy with a purchase order?

To be eligible to purchase using the Purchase Order method, you must qualify for an corebuy e-Procurement Account.

e-Procurement Accounts are extended to Local, State and Federal Government agencies, Schools and Hospitals, qualified private entities and GSA contractors.

To qualify for an e-Procurement Account, applicants must maintain a strong Duns & Bradstreet credit rating and must provide their previous fiscal year financial statements.

How do I find the product/item I'm looking for?

  • Type your product part code into the search box on to find exact products
  • You may also start with the top navigation to target the general sub-category of the item you need. Then use navigation on the left to drill down to the appropriate sub-category
  • Scroll down to description and product details to learn more.
  • Scroll down further to see, accessories, related products and recently viewed items.