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Corebuy is a "Doing Business As (DBA)" name of Axiscore, LLC.

Contract Profile

  • Tax ID: 06-1764982
  • DUNS Number: 618932227
  • Cage Code: 4A2A0

How does Corebuy support the government?

Corebuy was founded chiefly to provide frontier procurement solutions to federal, state and local government clients across the US and abroad. We have built a solid reputation of reliability, commitment, and resolve in supporting government procurement requirements across a wide spectrum of products and services.

Below are a few reasons why Corebuy is widely known as a reliable vendor within US government agencies:

Below is a snapshot of our government profile.

GSA Pricing

As an authorized shopper, you are able to get the same prices here on this website. Click here to sign up for an account and notify us in the “comment” section that you’re a government (GSA Shopper). We will upgrade your account to display our GSA catalog prices whenever you log in.

FSSI vs Corebuy GSA Pricing: Corebuy’s GSA pricing are comparable to or better than those of FSSI vendors. Findings based on our internal pricing analysis found that on average, Corebuy prices were 5.6% lower that those of FSSI vendors.

Our GSA prices are lower because we are not subject to the additional 2% Industrial Funding Fee which FSSI vendors are subject to. We also negotiate strong cost points with our wholesalers to ensure that we pass on the most amounts of discounts to our government clients.

Corebuy GSA Contracts

GSA Schedule 70 (IT Products) – Contract #: GS-03F-0354T

GSA Schedule 75 (Office Products) – Contract #: GS-02F0191V

Fedmall – Supplier ID: 111112972

Do you provide quotations and logistical guidance?

Yes. We don’t just sell products. We are also logistics experts.

Corebuy can be engaged from the planning phase of procurement initiatives to the implementation phase. We will assist with mapping out all the cost points, vendors requirements, delivery scheduling and overall project management essential to successful delivery. Please call our Logistics rep at 202-280-6577 to discuss any planning requirements you might have We provide simple and/or complex quotes for both products and installation (some exclusion apply). Please click here to request a quote.

Can we establish a BPA with Corebuy?

Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA)

Corebuy is authorized by GSA to establish BPAs with any US government agency based on our pre-negotiated GSA pricing. We have been recipients of several Blanket Purchase Agreements with different agencies including the ARMY (5 year Option for Office Products) and Department of Homeland Security (5 Year Option for Toners and Cartridges). In addition we hold a GSA STARS II contract that allows you to procure IT products and services from us at GSA pre-negotiated discounted prices. Please call our BPA rep at 202-280-6577 to discuss any BPA requirements you might have.

We continually compete for BPAs across agencies and welcome any BPA opportunities you might like to establish with us. Click here to establish a BPA relationship with us.

Does Corebuy adhere to TAA rules and compliance?

TAA Compliant Vendor

Corebuy’s commitment to TAA: Corebuy fully understands that TAA & Post Consumer Product Compliance are the responsibility of government contractors. For this reason, we mandate that our distributors provide, as a reference, a Government Indicator file – which has pass-thru information on TAA (Country of Origin, etc…). and % Recyclable. Our distributors request this information from product manufacturers on a regular basis but do not and cannot independently verify the information or content accuracy. Corebuy uses the information provided to filter its catalog for “undesignated country” products before offering them to GSA.

Strictest Approach: In the event a product has multiple countries of origin, it is Corebuy’s practice to filter out that product if one of the countries is listed as undesignated.

Is Corebuy an authorized Abilityone distributor?

Ability One Vendor

Corebuy is an authorized Ability One vendor and carries over 4000 A-list and B-list items under the program. We work closely with our Ability One rep on quarterly bases to update our catalog with new Ability One items.

Click here to request a quote on abilityone products


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